German police are investigating the sale of beer with a Nazi-style label

German police are investigating the sale of beer with a Nazi-style label, seen as scandalous in Germany as the world remembers Holocaust victims.

Photos of the "German Reich Brewery" beer were posted on Facebook by Götz Ulrich, a district chief in eastern Germany, who expressed outrage. "I feel so ashamed," he said, accusing neo-Nazis of staging a provocation exactly 75 years after Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz death camp. Nazi symbols are banned in Germany. Their use is illegal if there is a clear link to Nazi or other far-right ideology. In some cultural contexts, however, their use is tolerated. Commemorations are being held at the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland, where Nazi Germany murdered about 1.1 million people - nearly a million of them Jews. Mr Ulrich said the Deutsches Reichsbräu beer was being sold on Friday in Bad Bibra, his home town, and "the worst thing is that the beer has been flying off the shelves and is sold out!" The €18.88 price of a crate is also symbolic for neo-Nazis The label is brown - reminiscent of the Nazis' brown uniforms - and the Nazi eagle symbol is reproduced, except that the Iron Cross is shown inside a wreath, instead of a swastika. The Gothic script lettering - harking back to German tradition - is also standard for neo-Nazi propaganda. The shop selling the beer was part of the retail chain Getränke-Quelle, but the chain has now distanced itself from the sale, saying it was an independent franchisee's decision. Getränke-Quelle told the local manager to withdraw the beer and said it would remove its branding from the shop. German media report that the beer first went on sale earlier this month via the internet, advertised by Tommy Frenck, a known neo-Nazi activist. He runs a pub near Themar, a small town south-west of Jena, and Themar is the venue for an annual neo-Nazi festival. German media note that neo-Nazi "code" numbers were used for the price of a crate of Deutsches Reichsbräu: €18.88. Neo-Nazis find the number 18 significant: they treat the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, AH, as code for Adolf Hitler. And 88, for them, stands for "Heil Hitler". Media captionThree women who were part of a quiet resistance against the Nazis in Berlin German law does not ban use of the Reich eagle or Iron Cross if they are not combined with a swastika and if there is no obvious neo-Nazi connection. The beer was on sale in one town in Saxony-Anhalt state where, as in neighbouring Saxony state, far-right extremist groups are especially active. source BBC:


No American Budweiser in Germany

The world's largest brewery group unexpectedly cancelled the launch of its most important brand. The reason is the ongoing legal dispute with the Czech brewery Budějovický Budvar and Bitburger concerning the rights to the name Budweiser and the short form Bud.

According to, AB InBev had already agreed on listing the beer with the German retail trade. The advertising campaign was also planned, for which 10 million euros were to be spent. The legal dispute with the Czech brewery dates back to 1907. Budweiser Budvar, N.C. has been able to win the rights to the name in more than 100 court proceedings worldwide in most European countries. AB InBev has the rights in North America and sells its beer in most of Europe under the Bud name - in return, Budvar's beer is available in North America under the Czechvar name. Germany has been the exception so far. Bitburger was able to prevent the sale because 'Bud' almost sounds like 'Bit'. AB InBev was able to obtain a special contract with Bitburger as the main sponsor only during the 2006 World Cup. Under the agreement with Bitburger, AB InBev named its brand Anheuser Busch Bud. For this year's launch, however, AB InBev forgot to sign a new contract with Bitburger. This happened later and the introduction of the Super Bowl on February 3, 2020 could not take place. The head office in Leuven, the Netherlands, did not agree to a postponement. They tried to start earlier under the name of Anheuser Busch Budweiser, which failed due to the protest of Budějovický Budvar. Finally, Michael Pepa, the new German head, had to cancel the launch in Germany. Source: Picture: Maarten van den Heuvel on


A beer bar without alcohol?

BrewDog made it. It's the first beer bar in the world that's totally committed to non-alcoholic beer.

The Scottish craft beer pioneers are responding to the growing worldwide sales of non-alcoholic beer. The in-house products Nanny State and Punk AF also sell extremely well. So what does BrewDog do? They create a beer bar where only and exclusively non-alcoholic beverages are available. Earlier this month, BrewDog Bar AF opened in the City of London. From 15 taps non-alcoholic beer is flowing. In addition to Nanny State and Punk AF there are two new non-alcoholic beers in the BrewDog range: Wake Up Call, a Coffee Stout and Hazy AF, the non-alcoholic version of Hazy Jane. The other taps are fitted with beers from other breweries. Non-alcoholic spirits and ciders complete the beverage range. Source and photo: BrewDog


Hoppy New Year

We would like to say thank you to all BeerTasters. It was an exciting year with a lot of great beers. We will continue to implement improvements of the BeerTasting APP in the coming year. In advance we wish you a happy new year and a lot of great and new beers in 2020.

Beer sensual greetings from the BeerTasting Team In the picture you see Lukas, Peter, Alexandra, Nadine and Stefan! We wish you a great year with a lot of new great beers! Prost


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  • DAY 24 - The final beer!!! Hoppy X-MAS to everyone that joined us in this beer journey!

    WOW - the last beer out of the KALEA Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019. We finish the calendar with a Doppelbock.

  • Day 23 ::: Wittmann Urhell Can

    The roots of the private brewery lie deeply hidden in the “Zum Dräxlmair” brewery in Landshut, which was first mentioned in 1616.

  • Day 22 ::: Tradition meets innovation: Schlossbrauerei Rheder

    On 2 July 1686 the owner of the manor Rheder, Christian Falcko Freiherr v. Mengersen, was granted the right to brew by the Prince-Bishop of Paderborn.

  • Day 21 ::: Bären Weisse

    This beer specialty pours cloudy honey with nice white, rocky head which stays for long. The aroma smells like banana, bubble gum, fruit and cloves.

  • Propeller Turbo Prop

    An Imperial Pilsner with german hops! This young beer was launched only a few years ago. Propeller Turbo Prop belongs to the TOP 10 German Craft Beers! Let us know, what you think about this beer?

  • Day 19 ::: Wiener Lager - a historical beer style that is experiencing a renaissance

    In 1841, according to history, Anton Dreher brewed the world's first pale bottom-fermented beer. The Wiener Lager was born, something special for those times. Nowadays this beer style is experiencing a renaissance...

  • Day 18 ::: Kurpfalzbräu Helles

    The Kurpfalzbräu Helles is decorated with the label, which is based on the original from the 1950s.

  • Day 17 ::: Craft Beer Schwarze Tinte

    Martin Seidl brewed his first stout in 1997 in his small brewery in Dietrachting. For the Kalea beer advent calendar, a large amount of its "ink" was brewed for the first time in 2017 and became very well known outside the region of origin.

  • Craft Beer with continued growth

    “Small and independent breweries continue to be essential contributors to communities across the country, finding new ways to innovate and thrive amid evolving consumer preference and a competitive and maturing beverage market,” said Julia Herz, craft beer program director, Brewers Association.

  • Day 16 ::: The Hallertauer Hopfen Cuvee

    This unique beer-speciality, brewed with not less than 4 different aroma-hops (Perle, Hallertauer Tradition, Hallertauer Mittelfrüher and Sapphire) creates a special tasting-experience with an unmistakable flavour. After the first sip, the golden-yellow beer is mild but spicy-hoppy in the reverberation with a pleasant freshness.