Which beers in the Brewer's Advent Calendar were your favorites?

The Brewer's Advent is over. BeerTasters all over the United States should have emptied all 24 cans by now, so now it's time for a vote: Which beers were the best?

We've created a poll on PinPoll where you can tag those beers you liked best - maximum number of mentions: 10. Click here to access the poll: tinyurl.com/y4wymdq2 (destination: PinPoll) We are looking forward to your votes!


Sufferfest Beer production discontinued

Sierra Nevada Brewing, who acquired 100% of Sufferfest Brewing Company for an undisclosed amount in 2019, announced that production of Sufferfest Beer will be stopped.

“As we enter 2021, we are pausing production to explore what’s next for Sufferfest Beer Company. As such, we do not plan to release any beers this year,” the company said in an official statement. Sufferfest was founded in San Francisco in May 2016. The brewery created a full-spectrum of craft beers, all of them containing naturally occurring vitamins and micronutrients like potassium-rich barley, sodium, iron, and fiber. In its recent statement, the company did not make clear, if the concept of an athletic beer as such was not attractive enough to appeal to a wider group of customers or if customers turned their back to Sufferfest for not being authentic any more after the acquisition. However, the statement leaves room for a sale of the brand as it seems unlikely that Sierra Nevada will resume its own production again.


Excise tax cuts for brewers now permanent

Federal excise tax cuts for brewers and importers have now been made permanent. The United States Congress passed a massive USD 2.3 trillion COVID relief bill which contained additional regulations regarding a permanent reduction in the beer tax for smaller breweries.

US President Donald Trump initially refused the bill and called it a "disgrace" full of "wasteful" items demanding that various spending provisions, including some foreign aid, be ripped from the budget. After nearly one week he changed his mind, called the enactment of the bill “good news” and finally signed it on Sunday. Source: inside.beer


Happy New Year

We say thank you for a great month with you all. We hope you enjoyed our journey with all the beers.

Today we have sent an update of the APP version to google and to apple. We hope in a few days you all can update the actual version and are looking forward that you stay on with us. But first of all - have a great new years eve and we wish you a great year with a lot of fantastic beers. Prost Your BeerTasting Team


Brewer's Advent Day 24: Ladenburger Weizenbock

The last day of the Brewer's Advent has come. In the last 23 days, you tasted all kinds of beers, but today's beer will knock your socks off: The Ladenburger Weizenbock is more than worthy of being beer #24!

The brewery was founded in 1789 and has been family-owned ever since. The purest brewing water and selected regional raw materials, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and masterful brewing skills, are the guarantors of the consistent quality of our excellent beers, which are produced according to age-old traditional recipes. The Weizenbock from the Ladenburger brewery is a beer that has won several awards from the World Beer Cup! It is a classic, top-fermented, golden-yellow strong beer, which is traditionally fermented in the bottle. The foam is particularly fine-pored, very stable and creamy. In appearance, one finds a strong golden yellow color with beautiful, natural yeast cloudiness. The aroma is typically top-fermented and fruity, with a hint of banana. On the palate, the Weizenbock is harmonious, full-bodied, tangy and rounded - the malt character is balanced and aromatic. In the soft aftertaste, the bock finishes mildly and makes you want more, especially on cold winter days. Watch Beer Issue's review here: youtu.be/efkwO8dk_wk Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Isarbock Weizenbock) BeerTasting wishes you a Merry Christmas and a BEER-filled holiday!


Brewer's Advent Day 23: Landgang Pils

Day 23 in the Brewer's Advent, one more day to go - today's beer in the Brewer's Advent Calendars is about as German as it gets: A Pilsner from northern Germany, brewed by Landgang. How do you ike it?

In the middle of Altona, the guys and gals from Landgang have rebuilt their craft beer brewery. They have installed a modern brewing plant in an industrial hall with flair. The plant is designed for brewing beer specialties and craft beer. All parts of the plant come from European production, many from German medium-sized companies. The spray hits your face, the roaring wind ruffles your hair, and the work on board is hard and exhausting. Sailors used to use shore leave to escape the sea, at least for a short time. Hamburg's beer tradition is closely linked to the Hanseatic League. Beer was exported from Hamburg as early as 500 years ago. In honor of the seafarers, who are closely connected with the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Landgang creates its Pilsner. An honest and balanced Pilsner. Fine roasted malt aromas and a gentle bitterness. This Pilsner is brewed as a reminder of this important part of Hamburg's history. Watch TK's beer review here: youtu.be/mkI4ZzT0qU8 Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Egerer Nordsee Pils)


  • Brewer's Advent Day 22: Welde Kurpfalzbraeu Kellerbier

    The second and final repdigit-day of the Brewer's Advent is here! For this special occasion, owners of the Brewer's Advent Calendar have a beer to celebrate today: The Welde Kurpfalzbraeu Kellerbier!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 21: KALEA Specials/Rieder Perlenzauber IPA

    Day 21 of the Brewer's Advent - the end is rapidly approaching. This Monday, owners of the beer calendar will find an Austrian India Pale Ale behind door numer 21: The Perlenzauber IPA by Brauerei Ried!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 20: Hoesl Maerzenbier

    The Brewer's Advent is slowly but steadily coming to an end, only 4 beers remain for tasting - but don't worry, there will be many more Brewer's Advents to come! Today, in keeping with the cold weather, we have for you a strong Bock to give you some warmth today.

  • Brewer's Advent Day 19: Landbrauerei Erl Erl Hell

    It's December 19 and today we have another fine beer speciality up our sleeves: The Erl Hell from the Landbrauerei Erl! We hope you enjoy this Saturday beer tasting!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 18: Herrnbraeu Jubilaeums Sud

    Day 18 in the Brewer's Advent - three quarters of your calendar are already empty, but do not fret: There will be more Brewer's Advents to come! Today, you will find a beer that celebrates the 500th anniversary of the purity law: The Herrnbraeu Jubilaeums-Sud!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 17: Buergerbraeu Alpenstoff

    Day 17 in the Brewer's Advent - have you already bought all the gifts for your loved ones? Our present to you today: The Buergerbraeu Alpenstoff! How do you like this Bavarian speciality?

  • Brewer's Advent Day 16: Egerer Baeren Weisse

    Day 16 in the world's beeriest Advent! Today, the Brewer's Advent Calendar offers a treat from Bavaria: Egerer's Baeren Weisse (Bear wheat ale) is a palatable wheat beer creation for pretty much any occasion.

  • Brewer's Advent Day 15: Buergerliches Brauhaus Altbairisch Hell

    Day 15 in the Brewer's Advent! Today's beer speciality stems from a brewery in Ingolstadt, the birthplace of the famous Bavarian purity law: The Altbairisch Hell from the Buergerliches Brauhaus Ingolstadt / Herrnbraeu.

  • Brewer's Advent Day 14: Hallertauer Hopfen-Cuvee

    A new Advent, a new week, a new beer! Today, we would like to introduce you to a unique beer speciality from the Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf: The Hopfen Cuvee (hops cuvee). It was brewed using 4 different types of hops!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 13: Dietrachinger Schwarze Tinte

    Brewer's Advent day number 13 - this number is considered both unlucky and lucky. Here is our take: The day on which you can drink a beer from the Dietrachinger Brauerei MUST be a lucky day!