Heineken cuts 8,000 jobs

Heineken said in its 2020 annual report, published on 10 February, that 8,000 employees will be made redundant.

They also report being "hardly affected" by the COVID 19 pandemic, but aiming to make savings of EUR 2 billion over the next two years. As a consequence, the company will cut 8,000 jobs, almost 10% of its 85,000 employees worldwide. In October, the Dutch brewer already announced that it would "reduce its head office and regional offices, with an expected reduction in associated personnel costs of around 20%". The brewing group has its headquarters in Amsterdam and local offices around the world, where it employs around 1,700 office staff. Given this, the new measure will affect about 23.5 times more people than originally planned. Source: inside.beer


Brixton and Heineken

First less than half, then the rest. In 2017, Heineken took 49 percent of the shares in the London brewery Brixton. Now the rest follows. A familiar game.

The brewery Founders had expansion plans in the London district of Brixton and brought a powerful partner on board. Heineken buys in. Brixton Brewery moved production from the railroad arch in Brixton Station Road to the new brewery on Milkwood Road. The old site became an experimental brewery with a taproom. And now Brixton Brewery has fully gone to the Heineken Group. What do we hear about this from the brewery? The founders of Brixton Brewery will continue to manage the day-to-day operations and the strategic and creative direction of the brewery. They are pleased to be able to offer the beers throughout the UK and to continue to have many secure jobs in Brixton. Source: www.brixtonbrewery.com/


No more beer kegs for Ireland

After the number of Corona cases in Ireland had increased again recently, the country again closed all restaurants and pubs that did not offer food at the end of 2020. However, "pints to go" continued to be served.

This is now no longer possible, as brewing companies such as Diageo (Guinness) and Heineken have stopped selling kegs of beer within Ireland. So it is only a matter of time before the country is left high and dry when it comes to beer. "With the current wave of the virus crippling the country we […] decided in early January to stop everything. You can't even get a keg in a ‘cash and carry’," a Diageo source told the Irish Mirror. Source: inside beer


No Budweiser commercial in 2021's SuperBowl

For the first time in 37 years, AB InBev will not show a Budweiser commercial during the SuperBowl in 2021. Instead, the company has announced that it will donate parts of its advertising budget to the Ad Council this year.

Ad Council is a non-profit marketing group that leads an advertising campaign to combat scepticism about the coronavirus vaccine. The company has produced a one-and-a-half-minute vaccine commercial to be shown during the game in place of traditional Budweiser ads. Nevertheless, AB InBev plans to show a commercial for its other brands (Bud Light; Michelob) after the vaccination spot. At 4 minutes, it will be more than twice as long as the vaccination commercial. Source: inside beer


Status BeerTasting App

Version 6.1.0 has been released on Android smartphones since 8 January - today this update also reached the App Store. What else will happen in the next weeks? We answer your questions.

We probably don't need to emphasise that the last two months have been very difficult for you BeerTasting APP users. We would like to briefly inform you about the current development: Version 6.1.0 > Beer rating: In this APP version, which is now live on all mobile phones, it was important to us that the rating of the beers works properly again. This should have succeeded in. > Reviews: Here too we have made the "old" version live again. Reviews incl. headlines now work again. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the web interface, which is still not accessible. > Beer search: Here we have integrated "elastic search". The search for beers is now much faster. Attention: Initially only 10 beers are loaded in the search - just scroll up here and then down again, then you will get the remaining search results. > Brewery search: At the moment, only the beers with the most ratings are displayed here - but we will solve this problem soon. We like the fact that you can immediately see which beers from this brewery you have already rated and how your rating compares to the rest of the community. If the field is red, you have rated the beer worse than the rest of the BeerTasters - if it is green: vice versa. > News: The comment function works here again. You can now also comment directly on comments. Next Steps: Of course, the development of the app is not yet finished. Our programmers are in the process of fixing current bugs and adding a few new functions. The web version should also be up and running soon. We have prioritised our tasks as follows: 1. display of beer ratings 2. beer requests 3. statistics 4. friends & groups 5. web version You can be sure that we will do everything we can to bring the APP to the level we all long for again!


Which beers in the Brewer's Advent Calendar were your favorites?

The Brewer's Advent is over. BeerTasters all over the United States should have emptied all 24 cans by now, so now it's time for a vote: Which beers were the best?

We've created a poll on PinPoll where you can tag those beers you liked best - maximum number of mentions: 10. Click here to access the poll: tinyurl.com/y4wymdq2 (destination: PinPoll) We are looking forward to your votes!


  • Sufferfest Beer production discontinued

    Sierra Nevada Brewing, who acquired 100% of Sufferfest Brewing Company for an undisclosed amount in 2019, announced that production of Sufferfest Beer will be stopped.

  • Excise tax cuts for brewers now permanent

    Federal excise tax cuts for brewers and importers have now been made permanent. The United States Congress passed a massive USD 2.3 trillion COVID relief bill which contained additional regulations regarding a permanent reduction in the beer tax for smaller breweries.

  • Happy New Year

    We say thank you for a great month with you all. We hope you enjoyed our journey with all the beers.

  • Brewer's Advent Day 24: Ladenburger Weizenbock

    The last day of the Brewer's Advent has come. In the last 23 days, you tasted all kinds of beers, but today's beer will knock your socks off: The Ladenburger Weizenbock is more than worthy of being beer #24!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 23: Landgang Pils

    Day 23 in the Brewer's Advent, one more day to go - today's beer in the Brewer's Advent Calendars is about as German as it gets: A Pilsner from northern Germany, brewed by Landgang. How do you ike it?

  • Brewer's Advent Day 22: Welde Kurpfalzbraeu Kellerbier

    The second and final repdigit-day of the Brewer's Advent is here! For this special occasion, owners of the Brewer's Advent Calendar have a beer to celebrate today: The Welde Kurpfalzbraeu Kellerbier!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 21: KALEA Specials/Rieder Perlenzauber IPA

    Day 21 of the Brewer's Advent - the end is rapidly approaching. This Monday, owners of the beer calendar will find an Austrian India Pale Ale behind door numer 21: The Perlenzauber IPA by Brauerei Ried!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 20: Hoesl Maerzenbier

    The Brewer's Advent is slowly but steadily coming to an end, only 4 beers remain for tasting - but don't worry, there will be many more Brewer's Advents to come! Today, in keeping with the cold weather, we have for you a strong Bock to give you some warmth today.

  • Brewer's Advent Day 19: Landbrauerei Erl Erl Hell

    It's December 19 and today we have another fine beer speciality up our sleeves: The Erl Hell from the Landbrauerei Erl! We hope you enjoy this Saturday beer tasting!

  • Brewer's Advent Day 18: Herrnbraeu Jubilaeums Sud

    Day 18 in the Brewer's Advent - three quarters of your calendar are already empty, but do not fret: There will be more Brewer's Advents to come! Today, you will find a beer that celebrates the 500th anniversary of the purity law: The Herrnbraeu Jubilaeums-Sud!