Beer Advent Day 3: Kaeuzle Pils

Day 3 in the KALEA Beer Advent! The 3rd door of your Brewer's Advent Calendar features a classic Czech-styled Pilsner brewed by the Kauzen Braeu in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria.

The Ochsenfurter Kauzen-Bräu, privately owned since 1809, is one of the most modern medium-sized breweries. Their Kaeuzle Pils was brewed in the Pilsener style, true to the Bavarian Purity Law from 1516 and Kauzen Braeus strict quality guidelines. Interview with Kauzen Braeus Brewmaster: Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Schloss Weisse) Let us know how you enjoyed this beer! Prost!


Beer Advent Day 2: Fuerst Carl Kellerbier

Day 2 of the KALEA Beer Advent! Today, we have a special treat for you BeerTasters: Fuerst Carl's Kellerbier! We wish you happy BeerTasting!

The Fuerst Carl Schlossbrauerei Ellingen was founded in 1815 and has been brewing tasty top-quality beers in a traditional copper brewery by hand ever since. The unfiltered Kellerbier (also known as Zwickel) of the Fuerst Carl Schlossbrauerei is a perfect example of the Bavarian art of brewing. Stored in the cellars of Castle Ellingen, the beer is allowed to mature for a particularly long time so that it can develop its full flavor. Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Rheder Original Pils) Let us know, how you enjoyed this beer! Prost


Beer Advent Day 1: Dirndl Hell

The Beer Advent has begun! Today, the first doors of KALEA Beer Advent Calendars will open all over the world. Hurray! BeerTasters from TEXAS will find a Bavarian classic behind door number 1: The Dirndl Hell!

The Dirndl Hell was brewed by Schwarzbräu and is a classic Bavarian pale lager which Leopold Schwarz, master brewer, dedicated to his grandmother. It features a mature and complex taste. Fruity and pleasantly malty sweet. This beer is only included in the Texas Brewer's Advent Calendar. The reason for this is that in Texas, not every beer we planned for the calendar could be registered with the authorities. Therefore, BeerTasters from Texas will find different beers in their calendars on some days.


Beer Advent Day 1: Flötzinger Hell

Finally - we start the big tasting of the Advent calendar with a Hellen from the Flötzinger brewery. It is the first time ever, that this beer is available in the USA or elswhere in the world. Flötzinger is a regional craft brewery, that is popular because of its traditional beers.

The Flötzinger Brewery is a small brewery that celebrated its 475th year of foundation in 2018. As the oldest and only private brewery in the Rosenheim area, it faces the challenges of the future with its motto: "True to goodness - Flötzinger Bräu". (" Dem Guten treu - Flötzinger Bräu".) The Flötzinger beer is known thanks to its Oktoberfest. Besides Munich, the Oktoberfest in Rosenheim is one of the most popular beer festivals in Bavaria. The world meets in Munich, the locals meet in Rosenheim. The Flötzinger brewery sells its beer exclusively to selected beverage stores. In 2020, a brew for the brewers advent calendar was brewed for the first time. We are curious how you like this start and are looking forward to your feedback.


APP Update

We are working since half a year on the new BeerTasting APP version. On november 30 the update should be available.

On the 1. of december this APP will look completely different and will show you new functions. We are working with pressure to launch the next update. We do not want to tell you too much now... .... but we can tell you, that with the new version you will love to taste the beers out of the Kalea brewers advent calendar.


Brewer’s Advent Calendars sold out faster than 2019

The Kalea Brewer’s Advent Calendars are already sold out in the stores in several countries. The BeerTasting APP community is now counting the countdown until Dec. 1. Soon, the first calendar doors will open and beers be tasted!

On the 1. of december we will start with you the big beertasting of the beers out of the brewers advent calendar. On the APP we will present every day the daily beer. Next to detayled information about the beer you can watsh an interview with each brew master. Kalea has invited all brewmasters to the BeerTasting Blogger event in Traunstein, Germany. Check out this video, that gives you a few impressions of this event and what you can expect in december. Link (YouTube):


  • Guinness recalls their new alcohol-free stout after two weeks

    Guinness recalled their new non-alcoholic version of the famous Dublin Stout because of safety concerns.

  • The European Beer Star 2020 celebrates its winners!

    On November 11th at 2 p.m. (CET) the German Association Private Brauereien lifts the curtain and says the famous words: "And the winner is ...". SAFE THE DATE and be part of the digital award ceremony!

  • Beer can shortage hits the US

    A nationwide shortage of cans is the latest threat to craft beer. The world’s largest manufacturer of cans, Ball Corp., told investors this week that the U.S. market alone is short 10 billion cans in 2020.

  • This year's Brewer's Advent Calendars are now available!

    This year’s Brewer’s Advent Calendars have departed from our warehouse near Salzburg, Austria! We are looking forward to hearing what you think about this year’s beer assembly – Prost!

  • Kirin launches sugar-free beer

    After five years in research and development, Japan’s second largest brewing group, Kirin Holdings, will launch a zero-sugar beer on October 6 in Japan. Kirin Ichiban Shibori Zero-Sugar is an extension to the brewer’s existing Kirin Ichiban line.

  • BeerTasting Blogger Event 2020: A retrospective

    On September 24th, 40 breweries met in Traunstein and presented their beers from this year's KALEA Beer Advent Calendar to the beer bloggers FeinerHopfen, ProbierTV, BierOK and DieBierprobierer. In total, 91 interviews were conducted.

  • Munich: Alcohol ban lifted

    The City of Munich, often dubbed as Germany's beer capital, will no longer prohibit selling alcohol after 9:00 pm and consuming alcohol in public after 11:00 pm if the number of infections with the coronavirus should again exceed the critical value of 35 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants.

  • Beavertown's new Brewery

    UK craft beer company Beavertown Brewery has opened a new brewery in Enfield. It's called the ‘largest brewery in London’.

  • Make Earth GREAT again

    BrewDog is investing over 33 million euros in green infrastructure and is completely reforesting an area of over 800 hectares. This will make BrewDog the first international brewery to have a negative Co2 balance.

  • Brewdog and Aldi

    Aldi Stores (UK) new IPA looks very similar to Brewdog's Punk IPA. Brewdog reacts with the announcement of a new beer: Yaldi IPA. It looks like Aldi. Aldi reacts, BrewDog continues... Let's see what happens.